The perks of using the Social Network


I have been here in London for 6 years, its amazing. The culture is something to brag about and don’t even get me started on the food. The activities available are unlike any other country I’ve been to but the one thing that really gets everyone’s attention is the internet. How wi-fi is everywhere, from Mcdonald’s to little cafe shops, I’m sure that it’s probably the same with a lot of other countries but I have not yet visited them, and London is crazily obsessed with it. So what are the perks of the internet????

YouTube has been everywhere here in london. There are billboards everywhere of the new popular youtuber, Zoellla. Now I have no hate against her since I have subscribed to her on YouTube and I am guilty to say that I do enjoy her videos. For those that do not know who Zoella is, she is a young woman who does makeup and hairstyle videos, she is probably the next beauty queen. But anyways, YouTube is everywhere and there are a lot of famous you tubers that make a lot of money and have a lot of fame, for example, Pewdiepie. Also i especially love the noise youtube makes when liking a comment!!

Facebook, everyone must know what Facebook is because it is one of the leading social media sites out there in my opinion. I do have Facebook and some of the things i see there is absolutely bizarre!! There have been many stories of videos or picture being posted becoming viral and the people who posted become more famous than actual celebrities. Well moving on from that, Facebook is an enormous impact on people, making them post absolutely anything to make themselves seem more popular. And don’t even count the perks of having strangers talking to you when you accidentally add them…

Now Instagram is something else, I actually love Istagram because i can share my passion for photography and Instagram has a lot of creative people who share their passions. But the thing that annoys me and I’m sure most people can agree with me is, following. Everyone that has Instagram are guilty to beg for followers at least once, i don’t care if you didn’t mean it, you still begged for followers!! Followers is the main base around Instagram and that is what makes it Instagram, so if you don’t have at least a thousand followers, you are a loser… Right? Wrong, Instagram is for your own personal fun!!

Twitter, well let me just tweet my thoughts on that, you will make a lot of mistakes. The whole point around twitter is to tweet your thoughts and well… maybe to some people thats not a very good idea.

I can go on and on about this, but i don’t want to bore you with this so what I’m saying is that the social network has its downsides but who doesn’t love sitting in the sofa and going through you notifications and feed. Enjoy the social network while it lasts because one day us humans will be taken over by robots….


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