Wonders of London buses?


Isn’t it lonely when you have the top deck of a bus all to yourself?

Well that is just what happened yesterday with me. Its nice to have a bus all to yourself as you can eat without anyone staring at you or talk in the phone without the worry that someone will hear your conversation.

So with my headphones on, music blaring and with the bus all to myself i started thinking and thought, “who does the voice of the bus announcements?” And that is when i started thinking, i have been here for 6 years and i don’t really know who the person that gives directions is so i decided to do some research and this is what i found out.

The bus announcer has an actual name, i thought she was just a computer voice but its turns out that she isn’t, her name is Emma Hignett. She is the voice of London transport, which is surely amazing!

So a lesson learned and done, and i mean to myself too….


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