Meditation, finding inner peace…

So I have taken some time off to fix some things in life and one of those things was finding my inner peace….

I have always been in love with the film eat, pray, love but I noticed that I can’t just do what she done in the film so why not do it in my bedroom with some candles and well, yeah I think you get the idea. So my first step was to find some candles, I’m actually quite scared of candles since they can burn my house down but I just had to get over that stupid idea, so I bought some in IKEA! They actually smelled pretty good!

After my 2 hour shopping for candles, well to be honest I actually found the candles in the first mite that was inside the shop but for the British out there, you must know that once you get inside IKEA with your friends, then you just simply have to show them your amazing FAKE houses!! My first meditation day was a wreck…. The only thing that I could concentrate on was the walking dead new show that was passing that day! So I waited a few days, actually more like 2 weeks and then tried it again, and I still didn’t get it and then that’s when it kicked in, I needed to do this when I was tired!

Being absolutely exhausted, I tried it again and it worked. My mind went into a relaxing trance that I just couldn’t get out of, it was amazing, I felt so calm the next day and happier too. So if you are stressed or just simply bored, then sit down and just clear your mind…..

Its harder than you might think but it is worth it, take my word for it. 😉


2 thoughts on “Meditation, finding inner peace…

  1. You make very good points. We do need to find the time to get away from the hectic world we live in, hard as that is sometimes. I recently downloaded a phone app ‘Calm.’ Day 1 I settled back to get started & what happened? I received phone calls in the middle of the meditative music/teaching. I think I’ll use the iPad version next time. One of the ways I ‘get away’ is when I walk. The mind wanders as well & a lot of ideas come to me when I walk. I will have another try at sit-down meditation though as I can see the benefits. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂


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